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Chapter 12

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BUS 237
Maryam Ali

Chapter 12 Managing Info Security and Privacy August-03-12 9:59 PM Security Threats • Identity theft Sources Humanerror/mistakes • Accidental problems, caused by employees& non-employees Malicioushuman activity • People who intentionally destroy data or system components • Includes hackers, virus/wormwriters, spam Natural events & disasters • Loss of capability and service, also from attempts of recovery Problems Unauthorizeddata disclosure • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) ○ Personal info: info about an identifiable individual, but does no include name, title, business address, or phone number of an employeeof an organization ○ Individuals have right to know why an organization collects/uses/disclosestheir personal info ○ Requires organizations to identify anyone who is responsible for keeping personal info private and secure ○ Allows individuals to access to info, to check accuracy Pretexting • When someonedeceives by pretending to be someoneelse • Phishing ○ Pretexting via email • Spoofing ○ Someonepretending to be someoneelse ○ IP spoofing  An intruder uses another site's IP address and pretends to be that site ○ Email spoofing  Same thing as phishing Sniffing • Technique for intercepting computercommunications/connections • Wired networks:requires physical connection to network • Wireless network:no need for physical connection ○ Drive-by sniffers: take computers in an area with wireless connectionsand search for unprotected wireless networks ○ Monitor and intercept wireless traffic at will Incorrect Data Modification • Can occur by human error • System errors Hacking • A person gains unauthorized access to a computersystem Faulty Service • Result from incorrect system operation Denialof Service (DOS) • Attacks often launched maliciously Loss of Infrastructure • Can be caused by human accidents, theft, terrorist events, disgruntled employee,natural disasters Security Safeguards 3 componentsof a security program 3 componentsof a security program • Senior management ○ Establish security policy ○ Manage risk by balancing costs and benefits of security program • Safeguards ○ Protectionsagainst security threats ○ Consider disaster recoverysafeguards • Incident response ○ Planned response to security incidents Technical Safeguards • Involve hardware & software components Identification and authentication • Identify with username, authenticate with password • Smart card ○ Microchip, requires PIN to authenticate • Biometrics ○ Personal physical characteristics to authenticate ○ Strong authentication, expensive, may be invasive • Single sign-on for multiple systems ○ Don't need to sign in for every network in the organization Encryption & Firewalls Malware Protection • Malware: viruses, worms,Trojan horses, spyware, adware • Spyware & Adware ○ Spyware  Programsinstalled on user's computer without their knowledge/permission  Resides in background, observeactions and keystrokes,monitorsactivity, report to sponsoring organizations  Take usernames,passwords, sensitive info  Make marketing analyses ○ Adware  Programsinstalled on user's computer without their knowledge/permission  Produce popups, change default window, modify search results, switch search engine • Malware Safeguards ○ Install antivirus, anti-spyware  From reputable companies ○ Setup anti-malware programs to scan computerat least once a week ○ Update malware definitions  Patterns that exist in ma
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