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Chapter 1

BUS 237 Fall 2012 - Chapter 1 Study Questions

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Zorana Svedic

Chapter 1 Study Questions 1. What is an information system? An information system (IS) is a group of components that interact to produce information. There are 5 components: five-component framework of computer hardware, data, procedures, and people. These 5 components are present in every information system, and are linked together through networks. People are often the most critical part of an information system. 2. What is MIS? MIS (Management Information Systems) is the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. This definition has 3 key elements: development & use, information systems, and business goals and objectives. a. Development & Use of Information Systems - To have an information system that meets your needs you must take an active role in that system’s development. - When the system fails, you will have tasks to perform while the system is down, as well as helping to recover the system quickly and correctly. b. Achieving Business Goals & Objectives - Information systems exist to help people who work in a business achieve the goals and objectives of that business. 3. How does IS differ from IT? IT (Information Technology) refers to methods, inventions, standards, and products. It also refers to raw technology, and it concerns only the hardware, software, and data components of an information system and how these are networked together. (IS) Information System refers to a system of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that produces information. IT by itself will not help an organization achieve its goals and objectives. It is only when IT is embedded into an IS that IT becomes useful 4. How important are IS to our economy? IS are increasingly important in the Canadian economy. The Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Sector of Industry Canada is the sector most closely related to the use of information systems in Canada. This sector provides products and services that other industries, such as retail, manufacturing, insurance, or banking, rely on to get their work done. ICT includes companies involved in software and computer services, cable and other program distributors, telecommunication services, ICT manufacturing, and ICT wholesaling. It includes nearly 30,000 companies, which have been experiencing high growth in providing jobs for people. Employment in the ICT sector is characterized by a high level of education and relatively good pay. The delivery of services (where people serve other businesses) is a growing area of employment—this is a financially rewarding industry, but is knowledge-intensive. 5. How do successful business professionals use IS? To be effective in today’s economy, you have to know how to do more than the basics (email, web pages, PowerPoint, cell phones, etc.). Business professionals need to expand their knowledge of mobile devices and applications that include project-management software, busi
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