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Chapter 3

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Business Administration
BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

Chapter 3- Values, Attitudes, and Diversity in the Workplace Values – basic convictions that a way of conduct is personally or socially preferable  • we make decision about any evaluations of behaviours and events • judgement to what is right and what is wrong Rokeach’s Value Survey  Terminal Values -­­ Goals that individuals would like to achieve during their lifetime Instrumental Values – Preferable ways of behaving Ethics -­­ Study of moral values or principals that guide our behaviour and inform right/wrong  Hofstedes Framework for Assessing Cultures (GLOBE’s 9 dimensions)  Power Distance – accepts that power in an organization is distributed unequally
 Individualism – People prefer to act as individuals rather than as members of groups
 Collectivismtight social framework Masculinity – Traditional masculine work roles
 Femininity – seeing little differentiation from men and women
 Uncertainty Avoidance – Society feels threatened by uncertain ambiguous situations and avoids them Long-­­Term Orientation ­ Emphasizes future, thrift, and persistence
 Short-­­Term Orientation -­­ Emphasizes the past and present, respect for tradition, a social obligations  Generational Differences
 The Elders – “playing by the rules” belief in order, authority, discipline, moral code, and golden rule Baby Boomers-­­ Influenced by civil rights, women’s movement and Vietnam War.
(autonomous rebel) Generation X – Globalization, MTV, AIDS, and computers. Happiness, friendship, and pleasure
 The Ne(x)t Generation – us; high expectation, seek meaning in their work Cultural Differences Francophone vs. Anglophone – collect
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