BUS 272 CH 3

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Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

Bus 272Chapter 3Values attitudes and Diversity in the Workplace Values the belief that certain actions are either more personally or socially preferable to alternative actionsContent what mode of conduct is importantIntensity how important said conduct isTend to be stable and formed within early years from those close to us Value systemHierarchy based on ranking of individuals wishes with their intensity Rokeach Value Survey Contains 2 sets of values each with 18 itemsTerminal values goals that individuals want to achieve in their lifetime accomplishment comfy life happinessInstrumental values preferable ways of behaving ambitious capable honest etcPeople in the same occupationscategories have similar values Hodgsons general moral principals7 moral principles of decision making identified Assessing Cultural Values Hofstedes Culture Assessment Framework Power distancethe national culturesocietys attitude to how unequal power is distributed in institutionsA high power distance means there are large inequalities and a low one means that society places an importance on equality Individualism how much people would rather act as individuals rather than members of a group including how much they value individual rights over all else Collectivism social mindset where people expect the groups to which they belong to protect them Masculinity how much a culture prefers traditional masculine attributes achievement power control Femininity how much people see little difference between the two traditional gender roles see them as equal Uncertainty unavoidance how uncomfortable people arewith uncertainty and how much they try to avoid it
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