BUS 272 CH 6

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Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

Chapter 6 Groups and TeamworkBUS 272 Group 2 people with a common relationship Team small number of people working together towards a common goal who possess complementary skills Team traitsMore motivationalFlexible and responsive to changeGreater task identity because several people are working on the same thingOutperform individuals in multiskilled tasks requiring judgment and experience Types of teams Problem solvingprocess improvement512 members from the same department who meet weekly to identify methods to improve quality and efficiencyMost dont have the authority to implement suggestions Self managed teamsself directedHave authority to come up with and implement solutions1015 members who share interdependent or related jobsHigher levels of absenteeism and turnoverHigher level of job satisfactionCan appoint their own members and leader Cross functionalproject teamsMembers are from the same hierarchical level but different departments to contribute vast amounts of knowledgeDifficult to manage due to diversity o Skunkworks spontaneously created to develop new products or work on problems o High tech sector o Flexible structurerules lead to work that is done quicker Virtual teamsself managed problem solving and crossfunctional Use computer technology to connect physically dispersed membersEmail video conferencingLess social rapport face to face discussion more task oriented less satisfactionDifficult to built trust Roles
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