BUS 272 CH 7

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

Chapter 7Communication Communication transfer and understanding of a message between 2 or more people Formal channel organization establishes a way to transmit messages related to professional activities Informal channel personal or social forms of messages Channel the medium through which a message travels Communication apprehension tension and anxiety about oral or written communicationThe communication process includes steps between a source and a receiverSenderestablishes a message encodes the message chooses the channel Receiverdecodes the message and provides feedback to the sender Encodingconverting a message to symbolic form Decodinginterpreting a senders message Messagewhat is being communicated Channelthe medium through which a message travelschannel richness Feedback loopputs the message back to the system reduces misunderstanding Filteringsender filter information that is communicated to receiver the message that
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