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Chapter 10

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Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

Chapter 10OB Organizational Culture Organizational culture is the pattern of shared values beliefs and assumptions considered to be the appropriate way to think and act within an organizationCharacteristics of an Organizational CultureInnovation and risk takingAttention to detailOutcome orientation do they focus only the results or the techniques and processes to get therePeople orientation how much do they focus on the effects on the people in the organizationTeam orientation is work focussed around teams or individualsAggressivenessStability does the company value status over growthVisible Artifacts things you can see hear and feel eg dress codesStoriesMaterial SymbolsPhysical structure Rituals or Ceremonies Language Invisible Beliefs the understanding of how objects and ideas work together Values stable longlasting beliefs about what is importantShared ValuesConscious beliefsShared Assumptions Subconscious beliefs Cultures FunctionsDefines boundaries between one organization and anotherCreates a sense of identityDemands a commitment thats greater than the selfinterest of a single personReinforces stabilityControl mechanism guides and shapes attitudes
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