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Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

Chapter 2BUS 272Perception Personality and Emotions Perception process by which individuals organize and interpret their impressions to give meaning to their environment Often influenced by attitude personality motives interests past experiences and expectationsPositivenegative perception of the world influences ones own behaviour and happiness TargetCharacteristics of target influence others perception of them eg Loud people are noticed more than quiet onesPerception also influenced by the targets background eg Women minorities SituationSituation or context affects how someone is viewed Perceptual ErrorsTechniques people use to interpret things quickly but are not always accurate Attribution theoryJudge people based on the meaning we attribute to a certain behaviourPeople believe internally caused behaviour is under the control of the individual Externally caused behaviour believed to be the result from outside causesThis judgment is based on 3 rules o Distinctiveness does the individual behave like this in a variety of situations If so behaviour is judged as internal o Consensus is everyone else behaving this way If so behaviour judged as external o Consistency how does the person act over time If consistent behaviour is judged as internalFundamental attribution error Tendency to overlook external and overestimate internal factors Self serving bias when were successful we believe it was due to internal factorsWhen we fail we blame external factors Selective perception peoples selective interpretation of what they see based on interests background experience and attitudes Halo effect when we draw a general impression based on a single characteristic eg Intelligence likeability appearance Contrast effects evaluation of a person differs depending on who else we have recently encountered
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