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Chapter 3

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Business Administration
BUS 272
Ron Velin

Chapter 3 – Values,Attitudes, and Diversity in Workplace Values: concepts and beliefs that guide how we decide on and evaluate behaviours and events Two frameworks for understanding values: 1. Milton Rokeach’s value survey Proposes two types of values: Terminal: goals that individuals want to achieve during their lifetime Instrumental: preferable ways of behaving 2. Kent Hodgson’s general moral principles Based on Ethics: moral judgements that determine right and wrong Identified 7 moral principles to follow: Humaneness, Autonomy, Loyalty, Fairness, Dignity of human life (respect), Honesty, The common good (for all) Hofstede’s Framework forAssessing Culture: 1. Power Distance 2. Individualism vs. Collectivism 3. Masculinity vs. Femininity 4. Uncertainty Avoidance 5. Long term vs. Short term Orientation Values are determined by: Generational Differences: The elders (60+), baby boomers (mid 1940 – mid 1960), generation x (mid 1960 – mid 1980), the next generation (btw 1977 and 1997) Cultural Differences: Francophone Values (collectivist) vs.Anglophone Values (individualist) Attitudes: positive or negative feelings; less stable than values Types of Attitudes: Job Satisfaction: an individual’s attitude towards their job Organizational Commitment: a member who identifies with their organization and its goals Reasons for Job Satisfacti
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