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BUS 343
Todd Green

BUS 343 November 22, 2010 Lecture 5 Channels and Supply Strategy Chapter 10 Distribution  Channel of Distribution: The series of firms or individuals that facilitates the movement of a Channel (352) product from the producer to the final customer  Channel Intermediaries: Firms or individuals such as wholesalers, agents, brokers and retailers that help move a product from the producer to the consumer or business user  Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers Distribution  3 Types of distribution systems: Systems (353)  Conventional Marketing System: A multiple-level distribution channel in which channel members work independently of one another  Goals: To build demand, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction  Vertical Marketing System: A channel of distribution in which there is cooperation among members at the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing levels  Work together and depend on each other  Administered VMS: Members remain independent but voluntarily agree to work together  Corporate VMS: Firms have ownership control of some or all of a distribution channel  Contractual VMS: Cooperation is enforced by contracts, legal agreements that spell out each member’s rights and responsibilities and how they will cooperate  Retailer Cooperative: Group of retailers that establish a wholesaling operation, must purchase a certain % of inventory from cooperative operation  Wholesaler Sponsored VMS: Wholesalers get retailers to work together under their leadership in a voluntary chain  Franchise Organizations: Franchiser allows franchisee to use the franchise name and provide services to franchisee, in return a % of the revenue from franchise owner  Horizontal Marketing System: An arrangement within a channel of distribution in which two or more firms at the same channel level work together for a common goal Functions of Distribution  Form Utility: All activities used to change the appearance or composition of a good or service with Channels (355) the intent of making it more attractive to potential and actual users  Time Utility: All activities that increase satisfaction by making products available at the time consumers want them  Place Utility: Increased usefulness created by making a product available at a location preferred by consumers  Information Utility: The value given to a product that provides the user with useful information  Possession Utility: Increased usefulness created by making it possible for a consumer to own, use and consume a product  Create efficiencies by reducing the number of transactions necessary to transport good  Bulk Breaking: Dividing larger quantities of goods into smaller lots to meet the needs of buyers  Creating Assortments: Providing a variety of products in one location to meet the needs of buyers  Facilitating Functions: Functions of channel intermediaries that make the purchase process easier for customers and manufacturers Composition and Structure of  Must see table 10.1 (358) Channels (357)  Wholesaling Intermediaries: Firms that handle the flow of products from the manufacturer to the retailer or business user  Independent intermediaries: Channel intermediaries that are not controlled by any manufacturer but rather do business with many different manufacturers and many different customers  Merchant Wholesalers: Intermediaries that buy goods from manufacturers (take title from them) and sell to retailers and other business-to-business customers  Full-Service Merchant Wholesalers: Provide a range of services to their clients – delivery, credit, product-use assistance, repairs, advertising, promotional support and market research  Limited-Service Merchant Wholesalers: Provide limited (fewer)
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