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Chapter 3

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Taking an ethical and above-board approach to Marketing research ethics conducting marketing research that does no harm to the participant in the process of conducting the research A process that first determines what information marketing managers need and then gathers, sorts, Marketing information system (MIS) analyzes, stores, and distributes relevant and timely marketing information to system users internal company data, marketing intelligence, 4 types of data marketing research, acquired databases maketing intelligence system a method by which marketers get information about everyday happenings in the marketing environment the process of collecting, analyzing, and Marketing research interpreting data about customers, competitors, and the business environment in order to improve marketing effectiveness Research by firms that collect data on a regular syndicated research basis and sell the reports to multiple firms Research conducted for a single firm to provide Custom research specific information its managers need The data, analysis software, and interactive Marketing research decision support system software that allows managers to conduct analyses (MDSS) and find the information they need Sophisticated analysis techniques to take Data mining advantage of the massive amount of transaction information now available Customer acquisition, customer retention and 4 uses of data mining loyalty, customer abandonment, market basket analysis Define the research problem, determine the research design, choose the method to collect Steps in the market research process (7) primary data, design the sample, collect the data, analyze and interpret the data, prepare the research report Research design A plan that specifies what information marketers will collect and what type of study they will do Secondary data Data that have been collected for some purpose other than the problem at hand Data from research conducted to help make a Primary data specific decision A technique that marketers use to generate Exploratory research insights for future, more rigorous studies Focus group A product-orientated discussion among a small group of consumers led by a trained moderator Case st
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