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Chapter 4

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 343
Robert Krider

By Mark LiangcoBUS 343Chapter 4 Week 24 ways to fail in Marketing 1 Making Decisions without evidencebased Information 2 Having insufficient Information or too much of it 3 Making decisions with true but irrelevant information 4 True and relevant information available but not used in decision making Marketing Information System Procedure developed by a firm to continuously gather sort analyze store and distribute relevant and timely marketing information to its managers MIS includes 3 three important components 1 4 types of Data a Internal DataRecord of Sales b Marketing IntelligenceA method by which marketers get information about everyday happenings in the marketing environment ie barcodesto know how many product was sold c Marketing ResearchThe process of collecting analyzing and interpreting data about customers competitors and the business environment to make specific marketing decisiond Acquired Database 2 Computer Hardware and SoftwareTo analyze the Data and create reportsa Marketing Decision Support Systems MDSS The
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