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Chapter 1

Systems Analysis and Design Chapter 1 (Textbook)

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Business Administration
BUS 362
Landon Kleis

BUS362:B USINESS P ROCESS A NALYSIS Systems Analysis and Design –Chapter 1: The SystemsAnalyst and Information Systems Development SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) The process of determining how an information system can support business needs, designing the system, building it, and delivering it to users SYSTEMS ANALYST Analyzes the business situation, identifies opportunities for improvements, and designs an information system to implement the improvements SYSTEM ANALYST SKILLS ▪ Technical ▪ Business ▪ Analytical ▪ Interpersonal ▪ Management ▪ Ethical SYSTEM ANALYST ROLE Focuses on information systems issues surrounding the system BUSINESS ANALYST Focuses on the business issues surrounding the system REQUIREMENTS ANALYST Focuses on eliciting the requirements from the stakeholders associated with the new system INFRASTRUCTURE ANALYST Focuses on technical issues surrounding the ways the system will interact with the organization’s technical infrastructure (hardware, software, networks, databases) SOFTWARE ARCHITECT Takes a holistic view of the organization’s entire IT environment and guides application design within that context C HANCE MANAGEMENT ANALYST Focuses on the people and management issues surrounding the system installation PROJECT MANAGER Ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget, and that the system delivers the expected value to the organization SDLC P HASES 1. Planning 2. Analysis 3. Design 4. Implementation D ELIVERABLES Specific documents and files that explain various elements of the system G RADUAL REFINEMENT Each phase refines and elaborates the work done previously PLANNING PHASE The fundamental process of understanding why an information system should be built and determining how the project team will build it PLANNING P HASEP ARTS 1. Project initiation a. The system’s business value is identified b. Most ideas for new systems come from outside the IS area in the form of a system request (a brief summary of a business need and howa system wil create business value) c. The IS department works with the project sponsor (requ
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