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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Textbook Notes BUS 362

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Business Administration
BUS 362
Landon Kleis

BUS362:B USINESS P ROCESS A NALYSIS Systems Analysis and Design –Chapter 3: Requirements Determination A NALYSIS ▪ Understand the existing situation (the as-is system) ▪ Identify improvements ▪ Define requirements for the new system (the to-be system) CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS The ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses and recast an idea in an improved form. These skills are essential in examining the results of requirements discovery and translating those requirements into a concept for the new system. SYSTEM PROPOSAL Compiles the detailed requirements definition statement, use cases, process models, and data model together with a revised feasibility analysis and work plan SYSTEM WALK -THROUGH To explain the system in moderate detail so that the users, managers, and key decision makers clearly understand it, can identify any needed modifications, and are able t make a decision about whether the project should continue. REQUIREMENTS DETERMINATION Performed to transform the system’s high level request of business requirements to a more precise and detailed list of what the new system must do to provide needed value to the business REQUIREMENT A statement of what the system must do ▪ Business requirements (what the business needs) ▪ User requirements (what the users need it to do) ▪ Functional requirements (what the software should do) ▪ Non-functional requirements (characteristics the system should have) ▪ System requirements (how the system should be built) R EQUIREMENTS DEFINITION A straightforward text report that simply lists the functional and non-functional requirements; provides a clear statement of what the new system should do in order to achieve the system vision described in the system request INTERVIEW The most commonly used requirements gathering technique CLOSED ENDED QUESTIONS Require a specific
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