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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes BUS 362

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Business Administration
BUS 362
Landon Kleis

BUS362:B USINESS P ROCESS A NALYSIS Systems Analysis and Design –Chapter 2: Project Selection and Management CIO Chief information officer PROJECT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT A process of selecting, prioritizing, and monitoring project results. It has become a critical success factor for IT departments facing too many potential projects with too few resources PROJECT MANAGEMENT The process of planning and controlling the project within a specified time from, at minimum cost, with the desired outcomes PROJECT MANAGER Has the primary responsibility for managing the tasks and roles that need to be coordinated CLASSIFYING A PROJECT ▪ Size ▪ Cost ▪ Purpose ▪ Length ▪ Risk ▪ Scope ▪ Economic value M ETHODOLOGY A formalized approach to implementing the SDLC (a list of steps and deliverables) W ATERFALL DEVELOPMENT Analysts and users proceed from one phase to the next ADVANTAGES Identifying requirements before programming beginsand limiting changes to the requirements DISADVANTAGES ▪ Design has to be completely specified before programming begins ▪ Long time elapsed ▪ No proper testing phases ▪ Deliverables are poor communication mechanisms ▪ Users may forget the original purpose of the system P ARALLEL DEVELOPMENT A variant of waterfall; instead of doing the design and implementation in sequence, a general design is performed and then the project is divided into subprojects that are designed and implemented in parallel. This reduces the time required to delivera system. V- MODEL A variant of waterfall; pays more explicit attention to testing R APID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (RAD) Incorporates special techniques and computer tools to speed up the analysis, design, and implementation phases in order to get some portion of the system developed quickly and to the users for evaluation and feedback. JAD Joint application development SCOPE CREEP / FEATURE CREEP User expectations may increase and system requirements may expand during the project ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT Breaks the project down into a series of versions that are developed in sequence. Fundamental requirements are built into the first version quickly in a min-waterfall and given to the users to get feedback for the next version. DISADVANTAGES Users begin working with a system that is incomplete SYSTEM PROTOTYPING Performs the analysis, design, and implementation phases concurrently in order to quickly develop a prototype for evaluation and feedback. Repeated until there is enough functionality to be installed and used in the organization ADVANTAGES Useful when users have difficulty expressing requirements DISADVANTAGES Lack of careful, methodological analysis prior to making design and implementation decisions THROWAWAY PROTOTYPING Includes the development of prototypes, but uses them to explore design alternatives rather than as the new system THROWAWAY PROTOTYPE Contains only enough detail to enable users to understand the issues under consideration; not intended to be a working system A GILE DEVELOPMENT A group of programming-centric methodologies that focus on streamlining the SDLC EXTREME PROGRAMMING (XP) Emphasizes customer satisfaction and teamwork. Users describe what is needed, programmers code, get feedback from users. Even faster than RAD. Goodfor small teams/projects. SELECTING METHODOLOGY CRITERIA ▪ Clarity of user requirements ▪ Familiarity with technology ▪ System complexity ▪ System reliability ▪ Short time schedules ▪ Schedule visibility ESTIMATION The process of assigning projected values for timeand effort W ORK PLAN A dynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all t
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