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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 1 The Strategic Role of Human Resources ManagementThe Strategic Role of HRMWhat is HRM Management of people through the use of HRM systems aligned w organizational strategy in order to produce competencies and behaviors needed to achieve organizations strategic goalsoMust attract retain and engage diverse talentHuman capitalthe knowledge education training skills and expertise of a firms workersBalanced Scorecardtranslates organizational strategy to performance measuresOperational vs Strategic management responsibilities See Table 12 on p 6oOperational Administrative analyzing jobs hiring training compensation communicating with employees appraisals complaints and grievances etcTrend to outsource operational functionsoStrategic analyzing SWOT for comparative advantage formulating and executing strategyEnvironmental Scanningidentifyinganalyzing external opportunities and threats that may be crucial to organizations successEmployee engagementemotionalintellectual involvement of employees in their workHR PracticesQuality WorkforceProductivity Quality Customer SatisfactionRevenue Sales Profits ROA ROEMarket Value of OrganizationEnvironmental Influences on HRMInternaloculture beliefs values assumptionsoclimate atmosphereo management practices org structureEmpowermentproviding workers with skills and authority to make managerial decisionsBoundaryless organizationrelations are formed w customers suppliers andor competitors to pool resources for mutual benefit or encourage cooperation in an uncertain environmentExternal oeconomic conditionsolabour market issues unions contingent employeesodemographic trends and increasing diversity age education minorities women Aboriginals disabled peopleSandwich Generationpeople responsible for both children and elderly relatives eg parentsotechnology HRIS increase in technicalprofessional jobogovernment compliance with lawsoglobalization multinational corporations
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