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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Human Resources Management and Technology

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 3 Human Resources Management and TechnologyEvolution of Human Resources TechnologyHR technologytechnology used to attract hire retain and maintain HR support administration and optimize HRMFour stages1Paperbased systems2Early personal computer technology PCLAN client server3Electronic databases relational database files linked to each other4Webbased technology interactive voice response webbased appsHuman Resources Information SystemsHRISdatabases applications hardwaresoftware and peopleprocedures used to gather store and analyze info regarding HRSee Figure 32 on p 54See Figure 35 on p 57Selecting and Implementing an HRISChoices involve 1 how much customization is needed 2 what type of system is preferredEnterprisewide system ERPsupports crossfunctional requirementsCompanies differ in their information needs technology available and ability to afford technology value on HR info sizeculture of organization and HR availableTop reasons for adopting HR tech cost savings faster processing relevant info to help organization achieve its goalsSee Figure 37 on p 613 steps1AdoptionMain considerations company background management technical HR and pricing usually100 employees to require HR softwareRequest for proposal RFPrequest for vendors to demonstrate various systems and choose one that fits w needs analysis budgets and management requirements2ImplementationProject team with outside consultants who have expertise in tech and change management software is testedPrivacy and security concerns establishing security profiles levels of access3InstitutionalizationTrain usersElectronic Human ResourcesEHR tech that enables HR to integrate organizations HR strategies processes and human capital to improve overall HR serviceIntranetnetwork interconnected within an organization using Web tech for sharing info internally 90 of companies use the Web for HR purposesTwo most common Webbased HR applicationsoEmployee selfservice ESSenable employees to accessmanage personal info directly can update personal info revise bank info research benefit options view payroll info record vacationsick days record travel expenses participate in trainingoManagement selfservice MSSallow managers to access info about themselvesemployees who report to them view resumes submit job requisitions view salaries keep track of performancetrainingEHR and Human Capital ManagementErecruiting through internet job boards eg Monsterca applications that allow companies to screen candidates recruitment pages on websitesAdvantages reduced time for recruiting process communication of company brand access to more candidates reduced costsDisadvantages lose facetoface contact and discrimination against people who dont have InternetEnterprisewide systems SAP PeopleSoft OracleThe Role of HR in an ITEnabled OrganizationChanges oDecreased involvement in transactional activitiesoIncreased focus on customeroIncreased delivery of strategic serviceFive competencies of HR professionalsoBusiness knowledgeoPersonal credibilityoHR deliveryoMastery of HR technologyoStrategic contributionTrends in HR and TechnologyIncreased use of portalsintranetsvirtual toolsGreater access to techContinued optimization of systemsIncreased workforce analyticsIncreased focus on reducing costsIncreased use of standards for data exchange and processes XMLContingency planning disastersIncreased data privacyIncreased outsourcingIncreased focus on strategyPre TestQuestion 1
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