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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Recruitment

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 6 RecruitmentThe Strategic Importance of RecruitmentRecruitmentprocess of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants begins with iding position that requires staffing completed when resumes andor completed app forms are received from adequate number of applicantsDirectly affects attainment of strategic objectives because recruits will be responsible for implementingcreating strategyThe Recruitment Process1Identify job openings through HR planning or manager request2Specify job requirements using job descriptionspecification3Select appropriate methodssources of recruitment4Generate pool of qualified recruitsConstraints promotefromwithin policies compensation employment equity competitors labour shortageRecruiting within the OrganizationAdvantagesoEmployees see that competence is rewardedenhances commitment morale performanceoInsiders more committed to company goalsoLongerterm perspectiveoSafer better assessment of persons skillsperformance leveloRequire less orientationDisadvantagesoEmployees who are rejected may be discontentedoMay have to interview all inside candidates even if they know who they want to hire already wastes time and creates false hopeoEmployees may not be satisfiedaccepting of boss appointed from their own ranksoDifficult for selected leader to not being one of the gang anymoreoMay lack newinnovative direction inbreedingMethodsoJob postingprocess of notifying current employees about vacant positionsoHuman resources recordsoSkills inventoriesRecruiting outside the OrganizationAdvantagesoLarger pool of candidatesoMore diverse applicants employment equityoAcquire new skillsknowledge new ideastechniquesoEliminate rivalrycompetition by employees who want promotionsoCost savingshire individuals w skills already dont have to trainMethodsoOnline recruitinginternet job boards corporate web sitesoPrint advertisingAIDA attention interest desire actionoPrivate employment agenciesexpands applicant pool and performs preliminary interviewingscreeningoExecutive search firmsspecialize in particular type of talent have many contacts aka headhunters require accurate detail about candidate requiredoWalkIns and writeinspeople who go to firms to apply for jobs without referral or invitation or submit resumesoEmployee referralscash awardsprizes for referrals may result in systemic discrimination or nepotisminbreeding which causes morale problemsoEducational institutionscoop internshipsoHuman Resources and Social development Canada HRSDCprovides programs and job postings for unemployed individuals to find suitable jobsoProfessional and trade associationseg IT engineering HR accountingoLabour organizationsunionsoMilitary personnelCanadian Forces Liaison Council CFLCoOpen houses and job fairs Temporary staffoTemporary help agenciescost very little can be replaced immediately can hire them fulltime more motivatedoContract workersspecific type of work or period of timeoEmployee leasingcompany transfers specific employees to payroll of employee leasing firm professional employer organization PEO which leases these people back to the companyPEO takes care of HR files paybenefits etcRecruiting a More Diverse WorkforceOlder employees high job satisfaction strong loyaltycommitment strong work ethic good people skills willing to work in diff rolesoTo attract deal with stereotypes through education make sure HR doesnt discourage recruitment develop flex work arrangements redesign jobsYounger energy enthusiasm physical strengthoAttract variety of experiences social responsibility diversity and creativityDeveloping and Using Application FormsIf app form has illegal questions unsuccessful candidates may challenge legality and burden of proof is on employerCan be used to predict job performancePre TestQuestion 1
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