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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Selection

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 7 SelectionThe Strategic Importance of Employee SelectionSelectionprocess of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existingprojected job openingsStrategic significance HR is most important factor in whether firm is going to be successful in reaching its objectivesPoor selection results in having to recruitselect all over again train and orient etc and possible internal disruption and customer alienationoAlso must ensure procedures are free of both intentionalsystemic discriminationoNegligent or wrongful hiring employees with unsuitable backgrounds are hired eg working with kids without a criminal record checkSteps to take1Ensure all selection criteriastrategies are based on job description and specification2Adequately assess applicants ability to meet performance standardsexpectations3Carefully scrutinize all information supplied resumesapp forms4Obtain written authorization for reference checking from prospective employees and check references carefully5Save all recordsinformation obtained about applicant6Reject applicants who make false statementsSelection ratioNumber of applicants hiredTotal number of applicantsoSmall ratio may mean lowquality recruits may want to start process over againMultiplehurdle strategyseries of successive stepshurdles where only candidates that clear one can move on to the next eg prescreening testing interviewing background checking hiring decisionPreliminary Steps in SelectionDone by HR eliminate those that dont meet essential criteria then determine which most closely match the remaining job specsSelection TestingReliabilitydegree to which interviews tests etc yield comparable data over time aka degree of dependability consistency or stability of the measures used also the extent to which 2methods would yield the same results must also be internally consistentValidityaccuracy with which a predictor measures what it is intended to measure eg ability of a testinterviewetc to predict performance on the joboDifferential validityconfirmation that selection tool accurately predicts performance of all possible employee subgroups eg including women minorities disabilities AboriginaloCriterionRelated validityextent that it predicts or significantly correlates with important elements of work behavioroContent validityextent that it adequately samples the knowledgeskills needed to perform a job eg asking secretarial candidate to demonstrate word processing skillsoConstruct validityextent that it measures a theoretical construct or trait deemed necessary eg intelligence verbal skills analytical ability leadership skillsTests of cognitive abilitiesoIntelligence IQ testsgeneral intellectual abilities eg verbal comprehension inductive reasoning memory numerical ability speed of perception spatial visualization and word fluencyoEmotional intelligence EI testsability to monitor ones own emotions and emotions of others and use that knowledge to guide thoughts and actionsoSpecific cognitive abilities aptitude testsaptitude or potential to perform a job provided with proper training eg reasoning verbal comprehension memory numerical abilityTests of motor and physical abilitieseg finger dexterity manual dexterity speed of arm movement reaction time etcPersonality testsbasic aspects such as introversion stability motivation neurotic tendency selfconfidence selfsufficiency sociability etc eg MyersBriggsoBig 5 personality dimensions extroversion emotional stability agreeableness conscientiousness and openness to experience oInterest inventorycompare candidates interests with those of people in various occupationsAchievement testsmeasure knowledgeproficiency gained through education training or experienceManagement assessment centremeasures management potential including realistic exercises management games objective testing presentations interviewsSituational testscandidates are presented with hypothetical situations representing job and evaluated on responsesMicroassessmentsseries of verbal paperbased or computerbased questionsexercises a candidate is required to complete covering the range of activities required on the jobPhysical examination and substance abuse testingoCan determine any accommodation requirements if someone is disabledoCanada not allowed to screen candidates for substance abuse considered a disabilityThe Selection InterviewSelection interviewused to predict future job performance on basis of applicants oral responses to oral inquiriesoInterviewer objectives assess qualifications and behavior verbal communication selfconfidence interpersonal skills provide information about jobduties promote organization determine fitoInterviewee objectives present positive selfimage sell skillspositive attributes gather info about the joborganization
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