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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Orientation and Training

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 8 Orientation and TrainingOrienting EmployeesPurpose of Orientation ProgramsEmployee orientationprocedure for providing new employees w basic background info about the firm and job introduction to culture give them common bond teach importance of teamwork and provide toolsinformation to be successfuloReduces reality shockdiscrepancy between what new employee expects from his new job and the reality of itoResults lower turnover increased morale less corrective discipline fewer employee grievancesSocializationongoing process of instilling prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behavior expected by the organization orientation is a part of this Content of Orientation ProgramsCan be briefinformal or lengthformal In the latteroHandbookoTour of office introductionsoExplanation of procedures duties responsibilitiesoSummary of trainingoExplanation of performance appraisalResponsibility for Orientation Usually HRSupervisorBuddymentorSpecial Orientation SituationsDiverse workforceMergersacquisitionsnew culture resocializationUnion vs nonunion employeesMultilocation organizationProblems with Orientation ProgramsToo much info in a short timeoverwhelmedOR littleno orientation providedEither too broad or too detailedEvaluation of Orientation ProgramsEmployee reaction eg interviewsurveySocialization effectsprogression towards understandingacceptance of beliefs values normsCostbenefit analysisbenefits errors productivity efficiency etc vs costsExecutive IntegrationThe Training ProcessTrainingprocess of teaching employees basic skillscompetencies they need to perform their job vs development which is more longtermTreat it as a strategic investment in human capitalCan also strengthen employee commitment and loyaltyTraining and LearningKnow how people learnauditory visual kinestheticpersonalize itSteps1Make it meaningfulprovide overall summary2Make it easy to transferuse new skills right away at work3Motivate trainees4Effectively prepare the trainees Legal Aspects of TrainingMust be assessed with programs impact on designated groupsPotential problem negligent trainingemployer fails to train adequately and employee harms a third partyThe 5step Training ProcessSee figure 82 on p 204Step 1 Training Needs AnalysisTask analysisdetailed study of job to identify skills and competencies required so that appropriate training programs can be institutedused for new employeesPerformance analysisverifies existence of performance deficiency determines whether it should be rectified through training or other means eg transfersused for current employeesoDistinguish between cant do and wont doStep 2 Instructional DesignTraditional training techniquesoOnthejob OJToApprenticeship oInformal learningoJob instruction training JITlist of jobs basic tasks what and key points howwhy in order to provide stepbystep trainingoLecturesoAudiovisualillustrate a sequence demonstrate events not possible in live lectures or organizationwide training eg videoconferencingoProgrammed learningsystematic methods involving presenting questionsfacts allowing response and giving learner immediate feedbackoVestibulesimulatedusing special offthejob equipment where training costshazards can be reduced eg simulationsElearningdeliveryadministration of learning opportunities and support via computer network and Webbased tech to enhance performancedevelopmentoComputerbased CBToOnline oElectronic performance support systems EPSScomputerbased job aids or sets of computerized tools and displays that automate training documentation and phone support eg tech supportStep 3 Validation Conduct pilot study or run through with representative group of trainees to assess effectiveness
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