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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Career Development

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 9 Career DevelopmentCareer Planning and DevelopmentBoundaryless careerspans several organizations andor industriesCareer planning deliberate process through which person becomes aware of personal careerrelated attributes oCan retain employees and reduce turnoveroinvolves being aware of personal skills interests knowledge motivations etc acquires information about opportunities and choices identifies career goals and establishes action plansLifelong learningextensive continuing training throughout employees careersCareerseries of workrelated positions paid or unpaid that help a person grow in job skills success and fulfillmentCareer developmentlifelong series of activities that contribute to someones career exploration establishment success and fulfillmentRoles in Career DevelopmentRoles played by the individual manager and employerFour key skills for the individual selfmotivation independent learning effective timemoney management and selfpromotionNetworkingmutual sharing process let people know about backgroundcareer goals exchange information advice and referralsFactors that affect Career ChoicesIdentify career stage oGrowth stagebirth to age 14 person develops selfconcept by identifyinginteracting with people such as family friends teachersoExploration stage1524 person seriously explores alternatives matching these with hisher interests and abilitiesoEstablishment stage2444 heart of most peoples work livesoMaintenance stage4565 person secures place in world of workoDecline stage65 person accepts reduced levels of powerresponsibilityIdentify occupational orientationoOccupational orientationtheory by John Holland that there are 6 basic personal orientations that determine the careers to which people are drawn found using the Vocational Preference Test VPTRealisticskill strength coordination eg agriculture forestryInvestigativecognitive eg scientists profsSocialinterpersonal eg psych social workConventionalstructured ruleregulated eg accountants bankersEnterprisinginfluencing others eg managers lawyers PRArtisticselfexpression creation emotions eg artists musiciansIdentify skills and aptitudesIdentify a career anchoroCareer anchorconcern or value that you will not give up if a career choice must be made possible career anchors 8 of them
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