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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Occupational Health and Safety

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 14 Occupational Health and SafetyStrategic Importance of Occupational Health and SafetyCustomerclient service depends on how employees are treatedWorkrelated accident figures are staggering and cost more than 12 billion per yearBasic Facts About Occupational Health and Safety LegislationOccupational Health and Safety Legislationintended to protect the health and safety of workers by minimizing workrelated accidents and illnessesPurpose 3 categories general health and safety rules rules for specific industries and rules for specific hazardsResponsibilities and Rights of Employers and EmployeesJoint responsibility for health and safetyEmployers responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to ensure healthsafety of workers aka due diligenceoDuties include filing accident reports maintaining records ensuring safety rules are enforced posting safety noticeslegislative informationEmployees also responsible for taking reasonable care to protect themselves and that of their coworkersoDuties include wearing protecting clothingequipment reporting contraventions of lawregulationso3 basic rights 1 right to know about workplace safety hazards 2 right to participate in occupational healthsafety process and 3 right to refuse unsafe work if there is reasonable cause to believe it is dangerousJoint Health and Safety CommitteesFunction provide nonadversarial atmosphere for managementlabour to work together to ensure safe workplaceResponsible for making regular inspections to identify hazards evaluate the hazards and implement solutionsAlso investigating employee complaints accident investigation development and promotion of protective measures and dissemination of informationEnforcement of Occupational Health and Safety LawsGovernment inspectors periodically carry out safety inspections may enter any time without warrant or notification and employees must assist themoPenalties fines andor jailCorporate execs and directors may be held directly responsible for injuriesControl of Toxic SubstancesWorkplace Hazardous Materials Information System WHMISCanadawide system designed to protect workers by providing info about hazardous materials in the workplace Three componentsoLabeling hazardous material containersoMaterial safety data sheets MSDS to outline potentially hazardous ingredients and procedures for safe handling
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