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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Fair Treatment – The Foundation of Effective Employee Relations

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Simon Fraser University
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BUS 381
Rick Iverson

Chapter 15 Fair TreatmentThe Foundation of Effective Employee RelationsThe Strategic Importance of Effective Employee RelationsEmployees are sensitive to the treatment they receive fairness of processes used to make decisions that affect them and fairness of interpersonal treatmentResultsoImproved employee commitmentoReduced employee grievancesoEnhanced employee moraleEmployee Communication and Fair Treatment ProgramsFour ways to build effective twoway communication suggestion programs employee opinion surveys topdown communication programs and fair treatment programsSuggestion ProgramsLet management monitor employees feelingsconcernsEmployees have channels to communicate concerns and get responsesLess likely for employee problems to grow into big onesEmployee Opinion SurveysUse questionnaires to ask for opinions about the company management and work lifeProactive way to get feedbackTopdown Communication ProgramsCommunication including inhouse TV electronic bulletin boards verbal presentations email and newsletters that provide opportunities for the firm to update employees on important mannersFair Treatment ProgramsFair treatment programsprograms aimed at ensuring all employees are treated fairlyoUsually by providing formal welldocumented public vehicles through which employees can appeal any eligible issuesEquitable fair impartial unbiased treatment Three componentsoDistributive justicefairness of decision outcome eg pay raiseoProcedural justicefairness of decisionmaking processoInteractional justicefairness In interpersonal interactions treating others with dignity and respect Electronic Trespassing and Employee PrivacyEmployees are concerned with privacy freedom from unjustifiable interference control over personal information etcEmployers concerned with managing employees effectively preventing liability want to eliminate time wastage and abuse of company resourcesMust balance employee right to privacy vs employer right to knowoCompany emailInternet for business use onlyoNo improperillegal use of computer systemoDeleted message may remain in the system
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