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BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

Ch2 The Changing Legal EmphasisComplianceImpact on Canadian WorkforceThe Legal Framework For Employment Law In CanadaThe primary objective of most legislation in Canada is to prevent employers from exploiting paid workers assuming that an implicit power imbalance exists in the employment relationship in favour of employerThree difference between legislation in Canada compared with USMore receptive than US1Reasonable notice provided for avoiding penalty both parties employers 2and employeesEmploymentrelated law resides with the province and territories 3There are 14 jurisdictions 10 provinces 3 territories and Canada as a awhole for employment lawProvincialterritorial employment laws govern 90 of Canadian bworkersFederal employment laws governs the remaining 10c Federally regulated federal civil service crown corporation and agencies or business engaged in transportation banking and communicationsMultiple layers of Canadian legislation The more general the impact of the law the more it supersedes lower levels of legislationAffects general population Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsBasic rights for all CanadiansHuman Rights LegislationProtection from discriminationEmployment Standards LegislationMinimum terms and conditions of employmentVary slightly by jurisdictionOrdinary LawsProtection under Content or context specific lawsCollective Bargaining AgreementMinimum terms and conditions affecting unionized positionsEmployment contract law
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