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Business Administration
BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

Ch7Selection Recruitment starts at the advertisement and ends with the receipt of applicants Matching People and JobsSelection Process of choosing individuals oWho have been recruited ofor fill existing or projected job openingsBegins with the receipt of applicants ends when a job offer is made and accepted Guidelines for Avoiding Legal Problems 1Ensure that all selection criteria based on the job description and job specific 2Adequate assessment of applicant ability to meet performance standard3Careful scrutinyexamination of applicantprovided information 4Written authorization for reference checking 5Reject applicants who make false statements 6Save all records and information about the applicant during each stagesoShould be sure to do 35 to protect themselves from the law oWhen an employee does a criminal act through means provided by the employer the employer can be held liable What criteria should we use when deciding step and methods to include in the selection data oMinimize costs Time AND money oMaximize accuracy of selection decision Obtaining Reliable and Valid Information oReliability Degree to which selection procedures yield comparable data over time In other words the degree of dependability consistency or stability of the measures usedA person has high reliability when he tests high on all exams assuming they are the same test over again oValidity Accuracy with which predictor measures what it is intended to measure Three Types of Validity 1Criterionrelated validityExtent results predictsignificantly correlate with work behaviourperformance Correlation between test score and performance A high score indicates high job performance a low score is predictive of low job performance 2Content Validity Extent adequately samples job skillsknowledge Selling skills test oEx Sell penlaptop may be rehearsal effectpreparation3Construct Validity Extent results measure jobrequired trait Performance in a company test Vs College grade in Mathematics Steps in the selection process
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