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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook notes

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

1 Page HumanResourcesChapter2Textbook Common Law The accumulation of judicial precedents that do not derive from specific pieces of legislationContract Law Legislation that governs collective agreements and individual employment contractsRegulations Legally binding rules established by the special regulatory bodies created to enforce compliance with the lawEmployment labor standards legislation Laws present in every Canadian jurisdiction that establish minimum employee entitlements and set a limit on the maximum number of hours of work permitted per dayweekEqual pay for equal work An employer cannot pay male and female employees differently if they are performing substantially the same workFour fundamental freedoms Charter of Rights and FreedomsConscience and religionThought belief opinion and expressionPeaceful assemblyAssociation Human Rights legislation A family of federal and provincial laws that have a common objective providing equal opportunity for members of protected groups in a number of areas including accommodation contracts provision of goods and services and employment Prohibits both intentional and unintentional discriminationCanadian Human Rights Act Federal legislation prohibiting discrimination on a number of grounds applies to federal government agencies crown corporations and businesses and industries under federal jurisdiction
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