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Chapter 3

Human Resources Ch3 Textbook notes

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

HumanResourcesChapter3Textbook An organization consists of one or more employees who perform various tasks The relationships between people and tasks must be structured in such a way that the organization can achieve its goals in an efficient and effective mannerOrganizational structure The formal relationships among jobs in an organizationOrganization chart A snapshot of the firm at a particular point in time depicting the organizations structure in chart formBureaucratic organizationsTopdown management approachMany levels and hierarchical communication channels and career pathsHighly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptionsFocus on independent performanceFlat organizationsDecentralized management approachFew levels and multidirectionalcommunicationBroadly defined jobs with general job descriptionsEmphasis on teams and customer serviceBoundaryless organizationsBarriers between the company and its suppliers customers or competitors are broken down so that products and service can be efficiently and effectively deliveredEmphasis on teams whose members may cross organizational boundariesWork TeamsBetter quality products and serviceDecreased employment turnover and absenteeismGreater sense of employee commitment and accomplishment
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