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Chapter 6

Human Resources Chapter 6 –Textbook notes

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

Page 1 of 5HumanResourcesChapter6Textbook Employee orientation A procedure for providing new employees with information about the company and its industry and the jobSocialization The ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitude standards values and patterns of behaviour that are expected by the organizationOrientation is valuable in communicating to new employees how their jobs contribute to the organizations goals and strategic mandateReality shock A new employees realization that there are differences between his or her personal expectations about the job and the realities of itTrainingThe process by which organizations equip employees with the knowledge skills and abilities to perform their current jobs according to organizational standardsDevelopment A long term initiative such as mentoring leadership development or job rotation designed to prepare employees for future jobs within the organizationThe FiveStep Training ProcessNeeds analysisInstructional designImplementation and delivery of trainingTransfer of learningEvaluation and followupOrganizational analysis An assessment of an entire organization that investigates the strategies resources and support systems it has in place for training
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