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Chapter 7

Human Resources Chapter 7 Textbook notes

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

Human Resources Chapter 7 TextbookPerformance management The entire process affecting employee motivation performance productivity and effectivenessSummative evaluation Appraisals provide information for promotion and salary decisionsFormative evaluation Appraisals reveal opportunities for employees to develop goals and action plans for professional developmentThe strategic importance of managing performanceThe performance management process involves all activities related to enhancing employee motivation performance productivity and effectivenessThe quality of employees is a effective differentiation strategy for organizationsBetter performance management is a largely untapped opportunity to improve profitabilityAppraisals provide information for performance improvement promotion and salary decisions career planning and mentoringThe performance appraisal processThree steps 1 Defining performance expectations and standards 2 Appraising employee performance by comparing actual performance to expectations 3 Providing feedback to employees and planning future developmentAppraisal problems arise if these three steps are not carefully followedPerformance factors Key knowledge skills and abilities from an employees job description that will be used to evaluate performance
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