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Chapter 8

Human Resources Chapter 8 textbook notes

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

Human Resources Chapter 8 TextbookTotal compensation All forms of pay and benefits given to employees arising from their employmentStrategic aspects of total compensationA strategic tool to improve performance reward performance and contribute to the achievement of strategic goalsTwo traditional components direct financial payments pay and indirect payments benefitsWork experience is now being considered as a third component of total compensationQuestions typically asked by employeesWhy did I receive this particular salary increase or bonusHow does what I earn reflect my personal performance and contributionsDo higher performers earn more significant rewards than average or low performers If so how much moreHow did considerations such as company or unit performance influence what I earnedWhat do I need to do to earn the same amount or more next yearWhat should I do to move into a higher salary rangeIs my pay competitive with the market How do you knowProcedural justice When the policies and procedures for determining how pay is calculated are perceived as fairDistributive justice When the rate of pay for a given job is perceived as unfair
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