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Chapter 11

Human Resources Chapter 11 textbook notes

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

Human Resources Chapter 11 TextbookDownward communication Information about various aspects of an organization that is initiated by management and then proceeds through the hierarchy ExamplesCompany magazines newsletters memorandumsInformation booklets pamphlets flyersEmployee bulletins physical or intranet Video presentations voice mail emailMeetings or written reports on economic performance new products major contracts or customers annual results and how these affect or are affected by the employeesUpward communication Communication that begins with employees and proceeds up through the organization as a way of informinginfluencing management ExamplesSuggestion programsEmployee opinion surveysFocus groupssmall group meetingsRap sessionsManagementbywalkingaround MBWA Managers leave their offices to learn from others in the organization and to address questions by having casual facetoface conversations
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