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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Formation of Contracts (Continued)

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 393
Richard Yates

Chapter 7Formation of Contracts ContinuedCapacityMinorsInfantsMinors under 19 not bound by their contractsNecessaries and Beneficial Contracts of ServiceMinors are bound by contracts for necessaries eg food clothing lodging transportationMinors are bound by contracts for service that substantially benefit themException In BC ALL contracts are unenforceable against minors unless enforceable by legislationOn Becoming an AdultIf minor ratifies contract at age of authority she is boundMinor must repudiate within a reasonable timeExecutory contractparties entered into contract but minor has not benefitted or paidnot boundPartially executed contractminor will have to returnpay for goods and then will get a full refundExecuted contractif minor has benefitted cannot escape contractnot bound if received no benefit at allParents LiabilityParents are not responsible for minors contractsResponsible if they guarantee an
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