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Chapter 10

BUS 393 Textbook Notes -Chapter 10

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 393
Shafik Bhalloo

BUS393:CommercialLaw Business Law in Canada –Chapter 10: Employment The employment rela▯onship involves a contract in which the employee agrees generally to serve the employer, who has the right to supervise and direct. Agent Can be an independent contractor or an employee Obliga▯ons of employer ▪ Payment of wages or salary ▪ Safe working condi▯ons Obliga▯ons of employee ▪ Competent work ▪ Honesty and loyalty ▪ Punctuality ▪ Ac▯on in employer’s best interests ▪ Fiduciary obliga▯ons in some cases Restric▯ve covenants Commit to not working in a par▯cular geographic area or industry a▯er leaving the posi▯on for a reasonable amount of ▯me Non-solicita▯on clause Prohibits a depar▯ng employee from solici▯ng clients/customers of the previous employer Non-compe▯▯on clause A▯empts to keep the former employee out of the business Justcause If there is just cause, there is no requirement foran employer to give no▯ce before dismissal Disability Reasonable accommoda▯on must be provided to disabled workers Construc▯ve dismissal The employer breaks the contract or the nature of the job is changed without consent Wrongful
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