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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Analyzing Resources and Capabilities
Chapter 5 Analyzing Resources and Capabilities

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 478
Pek- Hooi Soh

Chapter 5 Analyzing Resources and Capabilities 121146The Role of Resources and Capabilities in Strategy FormulationBasing strategy on resourcescapabilitiesWhyExternal environment has become more unstable internal resources are a more secure base for formulating strategy Primary source of superior profits is competitive advantage not industry attractivenessTechnologicalenvironmental changes have destroyed market leaders who were externallyfocused and not focused on internal capabilitiesResources and capabilities as sources of profitMonopoly rentsprofits arising from market powerRicardian rentsthose arising from superior resourcesResourcebased view emphasizes the uniqueness of each companyexploit a companys differences and unique strengthsThe Resources of the FirmTangible resourcesFinancialPhysical What can we do to economize the use of assets or employ them more profitablyIntangible resourcesTechno
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