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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Global Strategies and the Multinational Corporation

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 478
Pek- Hooi Soh

Chapter 15 Global Strategies and the Multinational Corporation 372397Implications of International Competition for Industry AnalysisPatterns of Internationalization y Two forcesdesires o Exploit market opportunities in other countries o Exploit resourcescapabilities in other countries y Two avenues o Tradesale of goodsservices o Investmentbuildingacquiring productive assets in another country y Types of industries see Fig 151 on p 372 o Shelteredserved only by indigenous firms o Tradinginternationalization primarily through importsexports o Multidomesticinternationalization primarily through investment o Globalboth trade and investmentImplications for Competition y Usually more competition lower profits y Porters forces that are influenced o New entrantsentry barriers less effective o Rivalryincreases rivalry o Buyersbargaining power increasesAnalyzing Competitive Advantage in an International ContextNational Influenc
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