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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Strategy in the global environment

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Business Administration
BUS 478
Larry Wosk

Chapter 8 Strategy in the global environment Overview How to analyse competition on different national markets what strategies are available advDisadv and two strategic issues 1 how managers decide which foreign markets to enter when and at what scale and 2by what means should the company expand into the global marketMultinational company a company that has entered a foreign market The global National Environments Barriers to international trade and investment have tumbled huge global markets for goods and services have been created and companies from different nations are entering each others home market on an unprecedented scale Managers must now consider how globalization is impacting the environment in which their company competes and what strategies to use to exploit the unfolding opportunities and counter competitive threatsThe Globalization of Production and Markets The globalization of production has been increased as companies disperse important parts of their production process around the globe For national markets there has been a move from distinct markets to regional market to one huge global marketplace Industry boundaries do not stop at national borders there has been an increase in competitive rivalry there has been an increase of both threat of entry and the intensity of rivalry within many formerly protected national marketsNational Competitive Advantage The nationstate within which a company is based may have an important bearing on its competitive positioning on the global market Porter identified four attributes on a national environment that have an important impact on global competitiveness for companies located within that nation 1 Factor endowment a nations position in factors of production or the in
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