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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Science of Chemistry

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Simon Fraser University
CHEM 111
Julie Lunniss

Chapter 1The Science of Chemistry 1 Chemistrya physical nonliving science devoted to the study of matter its composition structure properties and the changes it undergoes via reactionsBasic scientific researchfocuses on the discovery of new fundamental information about living organisms and the universe in which they live organisms and their universeApplied scientific researchfocuses on the discovery of useful productsprocesses that can be useful for humankind finding beneficial information for humansThe Scientific Method A set of general procedures using experimentation and observation to acquire scientific knowledge and help explain natural phenomena1 Identify problem break it down and develop procedures to obtain data 2 Collect data using experimentation and observation 3 Analyze and organize data in terms of general statements that summarize the experimental observations 4 Suggest probable explanations for the generalizations 5 Experiment further to disprove the proposalsExperimenta welldefined and controlled procedure for obtaining info about a system under studyTypically involves studying at least two quantities variables with changing valuesThe effect of one variable on another variable with all other variables held constant is usually measuredo
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