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CHEM 122
John Canal

Chapter 15 Chemical Kinetics 156 Reaction MechanismsChemical reactions occur by a series of steps Intermediate species that is neither a product nor a reactant but is formed and consumed during the reaction sequenceElementary step a reaction whose rate law can be written from its molecularityMolecularity number of species that must collide to produce the reaction indicated in said stepUnimolecular step a reaction involving one molecule Bimolecular termolecular reaction involving the collision of two and three species respectivelyThe rate law for an elementary step follows directly from the molecularity of that step 2Eg For a bimolecular step the rate law is always second order either kA or kABReaction mechanism is a series of elementary steps that must satisfy two requirements1 The sum of the elementary steps must give the overall balanced equation for the reaction 2 The mechanism must agree with the experimentally determined rate lawEg Bimolecularsecond orderMultistep reactions have one step that is much slower than the others limiting the
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