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Week 13 Reading Notes

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

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CMNS 110 – Week 13 Readings A Changing World by Peter Singer Two aspects of globalization 1. 9/11 tragedy – brought instant death and horrific memories 2. CO2 emission from gas-guzzling cars – produces subtle changes (climate change) that will almost certainly kill more people US leaders fail to change laws to reduce gas consumption and increase gas mileage in vehicles George W. Bush “The American lifestyle is not up for negotiation” – not up for negotiation even if maintaining this lifestyle will lead to the deaths of millions of people subject to increasingly unpredictable weather and the loss of land used by tens of millions more people because of rising ocean levels and local flooding “We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America” response of Romano Prodi (president of commission of EU) “if one wants to be a world leader, one must know how to look after the entire earth and not only American industry” Timothy Garton Ash - On American Policy – perverted moral code that will allow a million innocent civilians of another race to be made destitute because you are not prepared to risk the life of a single professional soldier of your own - The value of the life of an innocent human being does not vary according to nationality But just like parents prioritize their children over strangers, a leader must give some degree of priority to their citizens over others - What does “some degree of priority” amount to in practice? Secretary-General Kofi Annan for Peace Keeping Operations - We need legitimate and
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