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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

Fear and Self Loathing in Couchland: 8 Myths about Television - tv is the dominant medium for info and entertainment in this generation Myth #1: TV is a neutral medium. o tv is not a neutral medium o not just a vessel for content o a medium extends our senses and changes our experiences/world (McLuhan) o mediums come loaded with biases o tv is a time based medium and dominated by advertising o visual medium Myth #2: tv is controlled by individuals o because tv is a time based medium it is not controlled by individuals but by the strict time schedule of the medium o every field has internal norms of rationality that determine what makes sense o rules of the structure are what controls tv Myth #3: Tv is democratic o tv based on ratings o assumed viewer is stupid and easily entertained o 2 choices: give them what they want, or slip some quality past them o myth because viewers feeling/wants are pre-determined by experience and expectations Myth #4: tv is all junk o tv is a flexible medium, not all junk o because tv’s main focus is entertainment it affects the information we get o people begin to hate themselves for not being able to fix
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