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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

Week 10: Media Production: Working in the Information Society “EA Spouse” and the Crisis of Video Game Labour: Enjoyment, Exclusion, Exploitation, Exodus (Dyer- Whitford and de Peuter) 1. How do the authors define immaterial labour and what are its characteristics? • Definition: immaterial labour involves communication, cooperation, and the product and reproduction of affects o Technological work with computers and networks o Work manipulating emotion o Work involving communication and coordination 2. What three aspects make the work enjoyable? • Creativity • Cooperativeness • Coolness 3. What do the authors mean when they say “that game play is de facto training for game work generates an obvious circularity in work force composition”? What three levels add to this? What do the authors mean by the ‘second shift’ burden? • Experience at game play is often required for a job in the industry  women play less games than men  women don’t get the jobs  less games marketed towards women  less female game players … • Level that add to this o Developers hire candidates with previous experience in the industry or with a passion for play; games mainly marketed to men (made by men for men) o There is a gendered nature of many of he disciplines that provide training in requisite game development skills (e.g. computer science) o Risk aversion: a lack of funding for start-up developers who want to experiment with a game that might appeal to a cross- gender audience • ‘second shift’ burden o women have to take care of children and house when they get home (second shift) o industry considers going home early as letting the team down, and fitting in is to be “laddish” not “ladylike” 4. What are the explanations and factors involved in the ‘crunch time’ explo
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