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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

Week 11: The Internet, Web 2.0 and Social Media What is ‘New Media,’ Anyway? (Burkell) 1. What are the three C’s in Terry Flew’s definition of new media? What is the fourth? • Computing and information technology • Communication networks • Convergence • Digitized media and information content 2. Give at least three examples of how the new media environment is one of ‘convergence’. • Convergence of technology o Trend toward multipurpose devices o The web as one massive machine • Concentration of media ownership and control o Media owned by a small number of increasingly powerful conglomerates • Decreasing number of content sources o A single content producer controls media vehicles in a number of different formats and replicates the same content across multiple domains 3. Define ‘prosumer’. Give two examples. • Definition o People living off their own production o In the new media environment prosumption is about participation rather than survival • Examples o Technologies and tools that support many-to-many consumption  New medium depends on technology, since technology is required to media many to many consumption  Computers, laptops, cell phones, etc. provide access to the internet o Environment in which prosumers flourish  Web 2.0 (app
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