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Spring 2013 CMNS 130 Reading Questions Week 12

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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

Flew, Terry, and Richard Smith. (2011) New Media: An Introduction Study Questions 1. In what ways can mobile devices be seen as evolving along the path of earlier technological problems?  create increased (perhaps unnecessary) consumer demand  overdependence by users 2. How does the proliferation of mobile devices affect you personal, academic, and/or professional life?  health effects, disruptions of sleep patterns, contact with undesirable or inappropriate friends, cheating on tests, and monetary expenses 3. What are your thoughts on the debate about whether or not dependence on mobile devices has resulted in an unhealthy relationship to these technologies?  there has been an decreased boundary division between workplace and home life because employees are expected to take their phone everywhere  over dependence and usage of mobile devices has lead to injury when people do not pay attention to what they are doing because they are on their phones 4. Are you aware of ways in which mobile phones and networks, like many telecommunication undertakings, are seen as part of the national interest of a country taking on a national character or receiving special treatment within a home country?  Mobile networks are involved in multiple aspects of public safety and national defence  these networks are often regulated, employ large unionized workforces, with close ties to other strategically important industries 5. What are the potential health, environmental, and social/cultural impacts of new technology? Health  wireless and mobile devices are implicated to cause health concerns because of their electromagnetic energy; has not been proven  use of mobile phones diverts attention from what the user is doing (ex: driving)  possible health risks from proximity to cell phone towers Environment
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