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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes & Terms

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CMNS 260
Frederik Lesage

Chapter 2KEYWORDSAggregate collection of many individuals cases or other unitsSocial theory a system of interconnected abstractions or ideas that condenses and organizes knowledge about the social worldConcept an idea expressed as a symbol or in wordsConcept cluster a collection of interrelated ideas that share common assumptions belong to the same larger social theory and refer to one another Classification a means of organizing abstract complex concepts using a combination of the characteristics of simpler conceptsIdeal type a pure model about an idea process or event One develops it to think about it more clearly and systematically It is used both as a method of qualitative data analysis and in social theory buildingAssumption a part of a social theory that is not tested but ask as a starting point for basic beliefs about the world these are necessary to make other theoretical statements and to build social theoryProposition a basic statement and social theory that two ideas are variables are related to one another It can be true or false for example most sex offenders were themselves sexually abused when growing up conditional if a foreign enemy threatens than the people of the nation will feel much stronger social solidarity andor causal poverty causes crimeDeductive approach an approach to inquiry or social theory in which one begins with abstract id
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