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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Notes & Terms

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CMNS 260
Frederik Lesage

KEYWORDSEthnography an approach to field research that emphasizes providing a very detailed description of a different culture from the viewpoint of an insider in that culture in order to permit a greater understanding of itMethodology a collection of data collection and analysis approaches that are linked together through and over arcing theoretical orientationNaturalism the principle that researchers should examine events as they occur in natural every day ongoing social settingsField site the one or more natural locations research or conduct field researchComplete observer infield research when a researcher only observes the study group without participating in their activitiesComplete participant infield research when a researcher fully participate in all aspect of the study groups activities as though a membersemiparticipant refers to the role of the researcher in field research when he or she participates to some degree in group activities but not as much as a full memberG
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