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Contemporary Arts
FPA 136
Peter Lester

Italian Neorealism: Cezare Zavattini 1) Realization that the necessity of a story was an unconscious way of disguising a human defeat -Artist's task is to make people reflect, not be moved at metaphorical situations 2) Cinema's desire to see and analyze reality is an act of homage towards other people and what is really happening and existing in the world (this distinguishes Neorealism from American cinema) -No shortage of subjects to film, just shortage of interpreting them Effects on Narrative and on the Portrayal of Human Character Produced by Neorealism: -Instead of causal link between scenes (such as Hollywood), one scene can give us all the information we need 3) Cinema should try to make every frame in a film count: it should penetrate more into the manifestations and essence of reality -This is its moral responsibility which lies in being able to observe reality, not extract fictions from it 4) Filmmakers compelled to "invent" stories and incorporate some fragments of real intuition in them -Eg. "Bicycle Thieves": child nearly run over, but father does not notice 5) Simple situations become spectacular through its normal qualities by showing us the process -We find this interesting since we overlook these details of our daily lives -How do we give human life its historical importance at every minute? 6) Peace of a film through a person's daily ordinary happenings -There are no "holes" in reality -Peace is the sum of small moments -Can help
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