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CRIM 101
Kamal Masri

Chapter 1 What is an information system?  Information systems – group of components that work to produce information o 5 component framework of information system (linked through networks)  Software  Programs/applications such as Word  Data  Contents of a file  Procedures  Method of opening program, saving, printing, backing up  People  Most crucial part of system  Hardware  May be dozens of devices linked up, various software /programs communicating, various procedures, & may include multiple users o Hardware  Software  Data  Procedures  People  Order of difficulty to control What is MIS?  Management information systems – development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives  Development and use of information systems o Must play active role in the development to ensure systems suit company’s specific needs  Achieving Business Goals and objectives o Information systems exist to help achieve the goals and objectives of businesses o Questions before creating MIS  What will it do for us?  How will it help achieve our goals?  Is it worth the investment?  How does IS differ from IT? o Information technology – methods, inventions, standards, products o IT contains:  Hardware, software, data, no procedures and people  of which produce information like in IS o Only helps achieve goals and objectives by being integrated into an IS  How important is IS to our economy? o Information and communications technologies (ICT) sector –  Categoriz
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