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Chapter 8

Ch. 8 Sociological Theories

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CRIM 101
Bryan Kinney

Sociological TheoriesSociological approaches utilize a macro perspective stressing behavioural tendencies for group members rather than attempting to predict the behaviour of specific individualsThree key sociological explanations for crime are identified1 Crime is a result of an individuals location within the structure of society2 Crime is the end product of various social processes especially inappropriate socialization and social learning3 Crime is the product of class struggleChapter 8Social Structural PerspectiveMajor Principles of Social Structural Perspective1 Social groups social institutions the arrangements of society and social roles all provide the proper focus for criminological study2 Group dynamics group organization and subgroup relationships form the causal nexus out of which crime develops3 The structure of society and its relative degree of organization or disorganization are important factors contributing to the prevalence of criminal behaviourSocial structure theoriesExplain crime by reference to various aspects of the social fabric They emphasize relationships among social institutions and describe the types of behaviour that tend to characterize groups of people as opposed to individualThere are 3 types of social structure theories ecological theories strain theories and culture conflict theori
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