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Chapter 11

Ch. 11 Social Policy

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CRIM 101
Bryan Kinney

Chapter 11 Social PolicyCriminaljustice policy can be seen to have two prongs1 The social responsibility perspective takes a reactive approach to crime controlIt tends to promote gettough crimecontrol policies that focus on strictenforcement of existing laws and on strict punishment2 The social problems perspective emphasizes a proactive approach It focuseson the root causes of crime by addressing the need for improvements in the socialinfrastructure3 A new aspect of the social problems approach utilizes the social epidemiologyor public health model approach to crime control Under this model crime becomes an illness but one that can be cured if the necessary resources are dedicated to its treatment and eradicationTypes of CrimePrevention Strategies1 The range of effective crimeprevention alternatives can be classified into threetypes of strategiesa Nurturant Strategies which attempt to forestall the development of criminality by improving early life experiences and channelling child and adolescent development into desirable directionsb Protectionavoidance Strategies which attempt to reduce criminal opportunities by
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