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Chapter 12

Ch.12 Victimology

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CRIM 101
Bryan Kinney

Chapter 12 VictimologyVictimology the study of the social and personal experiences of victims and their contributory role if any in the criminal event Typology of victims based upon victimoffender relationships a Primary victimizationin which an individual falls victim to crimeb Secondary victimizationin which an impersonal agency such as a business is victimizedc Tertiary victimizationin which the government or public order is offended perhaps through regulatory violationsd Mutual victimizationin which the participants in an offence such as drug sales gambling and prostitution willingly involve themselvese No victimizationa category reserved for offences committed by youth that could not be committed by an adult such as the buying of cigarettes by an underage personTheories explaining victimizationThe lifestyle model by Michael Hindelang Michael Gottfredson and James Garofalo holds that the likelihood that an individual will suffer a personal victimization depends on the concept of lifestyleThe routine activities approach by Albert Cohen and Marcus Felson holds that occurrences of personal victimization are dependent upon the routine or daily activities of people and are the ou
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